Danielle Ricci

MFA Choreography

My work strives to connect our human experiences through thought and movement. My creative vision has led me to create stories on stage, either from a work of literature, a current event, or drawing from my own personal experience. In the studio I work with dancers to create an inclusive community as we explore and discover how to communicate stories, thoughts, and feelings through movement. I strive to create work that audiences can personally relate to by creating connections that act as a catalyst for conversation and change.

I believe that we are stronger as individuals and as a society when we find common ground. As an artist and educator, collaborative opportunities on the stage and in the classroom are always the most valuable experiences. Part of my mission as an artist and teacher is to close the gap between the genres of art.  This has led me to create new works with installation artists, painters, musicians, photographers, videographers, fashion designers, and actors in the community. This marriage of the arts creates a broader, more inclusive experience for the artists, dancers and audience.

In addition to my work as an educator, choreographer and business manager, I have also created work for the screen, acting as director, choreographer, videographer, and editor for numerous dance film pieces.  This allows me to utilize technology to enhance my performative research and choreography with dancers and collaborative artists, expanding the reach of my work to new audiences. I often use technology, film, and projection on stage to create immersive environments that deepen intent and understanding for the performers and audience alike.