Danielle Ricci

MFA Choreography


With special focus on collaborative work as well as studying the kinesthetic and physiological connections between the body and movement, my artistic voice and experience helps prepare dancers to take their next step as successful artists and valuable teachers and choreographers. I work with students on developing and refining technique, creating meaningful characters in performance with stage presence, discovering one’s own unique artistic voice through movement, and understanding the body and the demands of the industry so that the dancer can foster their own healthy, professional career.

Sharing my passion and knowledge in creative and vibrant ways in the classroom with aspiring artists is important to me. I am classically trained with concentrations in American ballet technique and a variety of modern techniques with special focus in Horton. I also integrate foundations of improvisation and choreography into my work with students so they may feel confident as they integrate their own individual quality as a dance artist to their practice of modern technique.

My work includes an understanding of the body’s composition and physiology so that a dancer may directly relate how to apply movement organically on their own body as they work to execute proper technique, rather than forcing it onto the body.

I approach material being taught by encouraging open communication not only from myself to students, but with the students to me, and students with one another. I ask questions to create an environment that fosters a community of learners who feel comfortable exploring concept and movement as they work to their desired goals.